Soon in PRIME Exclusive Quality: Nolte and Nolte Neo
Available soon: Nolte and Nolte Neo in PRIME quality
19 Dec. 2023

So, in 2024, our eOPUS STUDIOcopyright users will be able to enjoy the Nolte and Nolte Neo catalogs in impressively detailed quality.

4 fairs - impressions
4 trade fairs - insane days!!
20 Nov. 2023

We had a lot of conversations with interested parties as well as our actual eOPUS STUDIOcopyright customers. THANK YOU to all visitors!

Available soon in PRIME Exclusive quality: Schüller C and NEXT125
Available soon: schüller C & next125 in PRIME-EXCLUSIVE quality
10 Nov. 2023

SCHÜLLER Kitchens has commissioned PRIME-EXCLUSIVE imaging. This means that our eOPUS STUDIOcopyright users will soon also have access to the Schüller C & NEXT125 catalogs in impressively detailed quality.

EMMS 2023
EMMK Leipzig: well worth a visit!
12th+13th November 2023

This year, we will be presenting our top features, unique selling points and intuitive user guidance of eOPUS STUDIOcopyright at the EMMK Order Fair 2023 on the 12th+13th of November.

We're looking forward to meeting you there - at the eOPUS stand A27.

eOPUS worldwide
16 Oct. 2023
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The response of our 4 trade fair appearances was overwhelming.

Specialized trade now widely accepts eOPUS STUDIOcopyright as a performant, well-engineered and stable software, based on all the positive reviews and references.

Our software placements are even worldwide by now.

A software migration is well worth it - especially now, in times of declining customer traffic, this opens up significant added value for eOPUS STUDIOcopyright users. Want more details? Just click here!

Coming soon, stay tuned
17 May. 2023

The catalogs of HÄCKER kitchens and LEICHT kitchens will soon become available to our eOPUS STUDIOcopyright users in impressively detailed quality!

Both companies have commissioned PRIME EXCLUSIVE imaging.

Hausmesse nobilia
07 Oct. 2022

Many THANKS to all visitors who joined us during the nobilia in-house exhibition and devoted so much time for the eOPUS STUDIOcopyright presentation. Instead of ending on September 25, as originally planned, the in-house exhibition ended on September 27, 2022.

Hausmesse nobilia
In-house trade fair Nobilia
18th - 26th of Sep. 2021

At long last, a trade fair again! The eOPUS team warmly welcomes all guests from home and abroad to the Nobilia in-house exhibition 2021.

Hausmesse eggersmann
In-house trade fair eggersmann
18th - 23th of Sep. 2021

From 18th to 23th September 2021, we will be exhibitors at the eggersmann in-house exhibition.

14 Jan. 2021

eOPUS STUDIO is now also available for use on MacOS!